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Addiction and the Rehabilitation Process

Attaining a sober healthy lifestyle is not easy or quick, it requires lifelong dedication and commitment. However, the rewards gained after transforming from a life of addiction to one of recovery are many. This makes the effort worthwhile. Any endeavor to soberness begins with a few steps such as intake, detox, aftercare treatment, and rehabilitation. Detoxification is the process in which all traces of alcohol or drugs are eliminated from the body and withdrawal symptoms are managed. However, detoxification alone does not constitute a full treatment.

A majority of drug and alcohol addiction recovery entails enrolling clients in the drug detox clinic at the commencement of rehab. This phase typically lasts for two or more weeks and involves three stages: evaluation, stabilization, and transitioning. Supervised detox is recommended for all addictions. Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol leads to the physical and psychological dependence on addictive substances.

Abruptly quitting addictive substances can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms. A detox program at our drug rehab facility in Phoenix, Arizona, helps ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, assist with any complications, provide techniques, and solutions for navigating the withdrawal process. Due to the severe nature of withdrawal symptoms, it is important to be in a supervised detox program. It is not advisable to commence a detox program without the assistance and supervision of qualified personnel to ensure your safety throughout the process.

Individuals struggling with addiction often experience co-occurring mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and others. Dual diagnosis plays a significant role in ensuring clients get through the addiction treatment process successfully. Proper diagnosis and treatment of concurrent mental disorders significantly affect a client’s chances of recovery. Dual diagnosis attempts to resolve the underlying psychological or physical factors that cause addictive behavior. Failure to include dual diagnosis can impair a client’s ability to learn and process their experiences during treatment. With rehabilitation, comprehensive treatments are usually not sufficient. At the end of the detox program, clients are inducted into a rehab program.

Usually, drug rehab centers commence addiction treatment by first assessing a client’s mental attitude towards rehab. Typically, most clients fail to accept they are addicted. Overcoming a client’s denial is a crucial first step in the rehabilitation process. An important phase of this process is transitioning from little awareness of the problem into a desire to end these behaviors. Shifting from denial affects the success of the rehabilitation process. After this has been achieved, therapy begins and includes different types of addiction intervention measures. At our addiction recovery center in Phoenix, clients are involved in personal or group therapy sessions that seek to determine and isolate the reasons for their addiction.

In our Phoenix addiction recovery facility, clients are taught how to recognize addiction triggers while developing necessary coping skills. Within our substance abuse treatment facility, you will find a capable team of personnel ready and willing to help you in your journey to recovery. Among the team are addiction counselors who will provide you with quality assistance in understanding the roots of your addiction, unmatched quality care, and support through this transformative journey. These will help contribute to your journey in overcoming negative perceptions related to drug addiction. We tailor our addiction recovery program to meet your particular needs involving the termination of toxic relationships, cooperation of family members, and friends in therapy. Another important aspect of the recovery process entails that clients communicate honestly which hastens the process of overcoming denial and self-delusions. Honesty is a paramount quality in accurately assessing a client’s personal experiences.

Our drug addiction treatment facility in Phoenix, Arizona offers various rehab programs and extended support groups that help clients share their experiences with others. Within our drug detox clinic, you will find excellent accommodation arrangements that suit your taste. The quality of offered accommodation is relaxing, pleasant, and comfortable. After completing rehab, the client is equipped with aftercare treatment skills that facilitate their ability to lead addiction free lives after discharge from an addiction treatment center. An aftercare treatment plan may involve the practices of continual therapy, support groups, and sober living arrangements.

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