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Drug addiction is a heavy burden to bear. It drags you down and keeps you from reaching your goals. To reach your potential, you need to get sober and you can’t do it alone. Come to our addiction treatment center in Portland, Oregon to find an amazing rehab program that will allow you to finally get sober. Keep reading to find out how our addiction treatment program in Portland will allow you to find your way to lasting sobriety.

Detox the Smart Way

Going through withdrawal is not something you want to do on your own. Withdrawal makes you feel awful and will almost always lead you to seek out another fix if you are by yourself. With our Portland addiction recovery center, you will have access to managed detox. Our drug detox clinic is the ideal environment to ensure you get through withdrawal without relapsing.

Individualized Treatment

Inside our substance abuse treatment facility in Portland, your treatment is something special. Our talented staff puts together a customized addiction recovery program that is tailored for your rehab needs. With this specialized rehab experience, you will always have the best chance to achieve a lifelong recovery from drug addiction.

Outstanding Care

At the Portland addiction treatment facility, our staff is experienced and compassionate. We make sure to hire staff members who are passionate about recovery. They will support you and care for you like family. With our high level of care, your rehab experience will go smoothly. Whenever you need a lift, our staff is there for you. They provide you the support you need to make it through the program.

A Safe Rehab Space

At our addiction recovery center in Portland, we take your safety seriously. We not only want you to be safe, we know it is essential. We have created a rehab environment where our clients can always feel secure. This sense of security is a critical feeling people in drug rehab centers need. Feeling safe is crucial so that you can feel secure enough to be as honest as you need to be during rehab.

Community in Rehab

At our Portland addiction recovery facility, you will soon realize that community is the key to success in rehab. The community surrounds and supports you. You go through emotional times together. At the end of your stay, you will be as close to some of the people in rehab as anyone else in your life. The power of the community in rehab will help you in your recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

A vital resource that we provide at our Portland drug rehab facility is mental health treatment. For those who face both drug addiction and mental illness, it is necessary to diagnose and treat both of them as part of rehab. Our mental health treatment is geared to help clients who need to stay on track.

The Assistance of Aftercare

When you exit our Portland addiction recovery program, you will receive aftercare treatment to help you. This time is a critical juncture in your recovery. Without support, it is easy to fall victim to temptation. Make sure you commit to embracing our aftercare to avoid relapsing, and you will set yourself on the right path to maintain your sobriety after you leave the drug rehab facility.

We have a huge range of treatment resources to offer at our substance abuse treatment facility in Portland, Oregon. With your hard work and the support of our amazing staff, these resources will get you to the life you need to be happy. If you want to be happy and healthy, you need to stop letting drug addiction call the shots. Now is your chance to get sober. Come experience our extraordinary addiction recovery treatment today.

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